Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blog news and a video to share - 07/29/12

It's been a little over 18 months since I last posted to this blog, so I thought I best post a status update:

First off, I am still looking for collaborators who might be willing to post to the blog or even take over the website and domain.  If you are interested then drop me a line via email.

Secondly I must apologize to a couple of reporters who have written to me asking for interviews regarding urbanspelunking and urbanexploration. There is no good reason I can give you for not replying other than I forgot and screwed up.  For the record I am no longer active in urbanspelunking except for this blog and the website. Also I have always lived in the Seattle area, so I could not provide any insight into the urbanspelunking scene in your respective cities.

Finally for those of you who use Google+ you might be interested in knowing that there is now a page on Google+ for this blog and the site. Feel free to add the page to your circles.

And now here's the video UNDERCITY by :

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